Master O-Phase April 2024

Master Orientation Summer Term 2024

Dear Master freshmen,

The ETIT student council would like to welcome you to KIT! No matter if you are new to Karlsruhe or already did your bachelor's at KIT - you are warmly invited to participate in our Master orientation week ("O-Phase")!

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The Master orientation week will take place from 10.04.2024 to 18.04.2024 and will give you the opportunity to celebrate having passed your Bachelor and to get to know your fellow Master students. For those who are new to KIT, we especially recommend participating to get to know the Karlsruhe, KIT's campus and to learn how to maneuver through its bureaucracy. Apart from individual events, the O-Phase generally does not require registration but does require you to present your certificate of study. It contains a variety of events over the course of more than one week, including socials, group activities and excursions.

You will receive a wristband at our welcome that identifies you as a part of our Master O-Phase. For this purpose, we ask you to bring a valid certificate of study (digitally is also allowed). This way, we can make sure that especially you as a first-year student can participate in the O-Phase.

You can create and download your study certificates here:

This year's O-Phase is organized together with the student council of Mechanical and Process Engineering ("FS MACH/CIW"). Apart from the introductory information sessions, where each study course will have a seperate session, you can attend all events, no matter if you study mechatronics, materials science or electrical, mechanical or process engineering. We especially encourage those who are new to KIT to attend. You will obtain important information about your studies and will be able to ask questions to the faculty and the student council. After the informational part, you are invited to a Sekt reception (sparkling wine). Later in the afternoon, we will host a barbecue where you can get to know your fellow students while having some food in a relaxed atmosphere.

When: 14:00 - 15:00 (+ Sekt Reception and Barbecue afterwards)

Where: (You can join online as well)

Electrical Engineering and Information Technology - Hertz-Hörsaal (Geb. 10.11 1. OG) / (Meeting-ID: 654 3166 2912, Password: =Q@bL5NW)

Mechatronics and Information Technology - Redtenbacher-Hörsaal (Geb. 10.91 EG) / (Meeting-ID: 611 4165 1962, Kenncode: gsG&DsC8)

Mechanical Engineering - Benz-Hörsaal (Geb. 10.21 EG) / (Meeting-ID: 611 4165 1962, Kenncode: gsG&DsC8)

Bioengineering, Chemical and Process Engineering - Daimler-Hörsaal (Geb. 10.21 2.OG) / (Meeting-ID: 611 4165 1962, Kenncode: gsG&DsC8)

Materials Sciences - Oberer Hörsaal (Geb. 10.91 2. OG) / (Meeting-ID: 611 4165 1962, Kenncode: gsG&DsC8)

For orientation, you can find the digital campus map here:

The schedule of the O-Phase and infos concerning the other events can be found under "Schedule":

If you have any questions regarding the orientation week, please reach out to us via

To stay up to date about our O-Phase, you should join our Whatsapp Group. You will be sent the link when writing an email to